Everyone needs Joy, bring some light into your home since Everyday is Christmas this season!

Full Tree Sets

Fill your whole tree with our 76 and 80 piece sets! We took our traditional bulbs and added some fun shpaes and sizes with hand made sparkling patterns and designs meant to add that little touch you were looking for, and make your whole tree as unique as you are.

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Handmade Figurines

All of our Figurines are ethically hand made with sparkling details incorporated into the blown glass design. From funny to beautiful, pair our figurines with our bulbs to fill your tree with the story that best describes your personality. Made of recycled glass and sustainibly sourced.

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Bulbs by the Barrel

With our 50 count barrels of bulbs you can decorate the tree and more! An arranged assortment of carefully selected ornament color combinations will go perfectly with your theme. Pair with our glass figurines to create the perfect holiday decor for your tree and home.

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