20 Inspirations for Clear DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

20 Inspirations for Clear DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments
When it comes to creating your own Christmas traditions and decorations, nothing is better than a clear bulb to spark your creativity! We have found 20 inspirational ideas for decorating our 35 Count clear plastic bulbs.  Happy Creating!
1. Colorful Glitter 
Every Day is Christmas Glitter Balls
2. Burlap
burlap inside a diy ball
3. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
hot chocolate in a clear ball
4. Holiday Greenery
  tree clippings and red ribbon in a clear ball ornament
5. Tree Snow Globe
mini tree in clear ornament
6. Seashells
Seashells in clear ornament
7. Glittery Ribbon
 red filled clear ornaments
8. Drip Paint
drip paint in a clear ornament
9. Toy Snow Globe
Car snowglobe
10. Peacock Feather
peacock feather in clear ornament
11. Printed Ribbon and Epsom Salt
 ribbon and epsom salt
12.Glitter Glue Design
glitter glue Deisgn in a clear ornament
13. Tinsel
tinsel in a clear oranment
14. Music Pages
music pages in a clear ornament
15. Household Items (Colored Hex Nut)
beads in a clear ornament
16. Game Pieces
game pieces in clear ornament
17. Ribbon
ribbon in clear ornaments
18. Glitter Dipped
glitter dipped clear ornaments
 18. Terrarium
terrarium filled clear ornament
19. Reindeer
reindeer clear ornament
20. Cranberries
cranberries in a clear ornament